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The Plume Of Death

The red zone indicates the potential for levels of silt at concentrations with near certain deadly consequences for corals. Yellow and green zones are levels below that, but still worrisome. This graphic from the EIA is for the predicted worst case presented on 9th June, 2015 to the public. The northern red bluge is adjacent to Treasure Island Resort, the southern is Don Foster's.

Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto

Cali Shipwreck


Soto's Reef

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The published "Environmental Impact Assesment" (EIA) report revealed that several acres and hundreds of thousands of square footage of reef, will be completely destroyed as a result of Cruise Berthing Facility that Government is proposing to build as a means of improving cruise tourism. The report concluded that the development of the piers will not “result in any significant impact on Seven Mile Beach”, a key issue that raised concerns among Caymanians. The Minister of Tourism, in Finance Committee, said that the public can be reassured that the EIA found that the development will not affect Cayman’s famous beach. However, the report also made it clear the project will have significant negative impacts on the marine ecology within the George Town Harbour areas. On the overall the Report concluded more negative than positive impacts on the environment.  Source: Cayman News Service

You can read the full EIA report  here.



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A group of local activists have launched a campaign to trigger a People Initiated Referendum (PIR) on the government�s proposed cruise berthing project. In an effort to save more than fifteen acres of reef and marine life, which will be directly destroyed through dredging or gradually because of the read more

Ex-Chamber boss queries wisdom of port project- 26/06/2015

The former president of the Chamber of Commerce has warned that the costly port project should not go ahead based on �unproven back of envelope �guesstimates� about the economic benefits of cruise tourism and private discussions with a select few who are possibly conflicted and have a pecuniary interestread more

Floating dock idea sinks in EIA- 17/06/2015

The idea of a floating dock as an alternative to the proposed concrete piers for cruise ship berthing appears to have been sunk in the environmental impact assessment recently released for public consultation. The consultants question the technical feasibility of the proposal because despite its environmental credentials,read more

Challenges and uncertainties for port project- 10/06/2015

The authors of the draft environmental impact assessment for the proposed cruise pier project have presented a picture of serious marine destruction, massive disruptions and noise nuisance in the capital for up to three years. As they detailed their findings at a public meeting Tuesday, they revealed cargo port challengesread more

Reef destruction revealed in report- 08/06/2015

Local environmental activists and eco groups are urging people to attend a meeting being hosted by the tourism ministry tomorrow evening because coral reefs, shorelines and marine resources remain under serious threat in the face of the proposed cruise berthing facilities. Several acres of reef will be completely destroyed,read more